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ProCargo, Inc., Baltimore, Maryland

Ocean Freight Services

Cost, routing, vessel, flag, size, weight, value. The nature, origin and destination of your cargo is carefully analyzed to determine the most cost effective and safest method of transportation. This analysis and coordination can include inland road, rail and river transport, as well as export packing protection and container loading. By tracking your cargo throughout its journey, you can rely on ProCargo to know where your shipment is during any phase of the transportation process.

Our thorough knowledge of all kinds of ocean transportation, common and charter carriage, barge and supply vessels, gives us the ability to creatively handle overweight and over-dimensional pieces, odd tonnage, and flag-driven cargoes. In the common carrier trade routes, ProCargo knows which steamship lines consistently perform with the best rates and dependable service.

In addition to general cargo movements, ProCargo's seasoned management has experience in the worldwide freight forwarding of many international construction projects, including airport and office building construction, U. S. Embassy construction and rebuilds, radio relay stations, power and other utility plants, as well as mining and industrial facilities. Services include door-to-door project management, cargo consolidation, and container purchases. Our cargo partners overseas assist in providing you with in-country customs clearance and deliver to your jobsite. Export documentation is a very important part of your needs, and ProCargo is a professional in this area. Our open cargo policy is also available to provide you with insurance for your shipment while in transit, and for a reasonable time at the country of destination.

  • provide shipping quotations
  • visit site for cargo evaluation
  • analyze cargo specifications, including overdimensional and overweight cargoes
  • evaluate the efficient use of ocean containers and flatracks
  • review cargo specifications for hazardous materials
  • evaluate lifting process and port facilities
  • evaluate vessel capabilities and stowage factors
  • arrange export packing and containerization
  • consolidate multiple-vendor orders
  • receive, check, and re-pack vendor orders
  • purchase second-hand water-tight shipping containers
  • preview letter of credit for shipping and documentation parameters
  • secure vessel space via regular liner services
  • secure vessel space on charter or part-charter basis
  • coordinate and arrange inland transportation via rail and truck
  • prepare pier documents, such as delivery orders and dock receipts
  • prepay cargo handling at marine terminals
  • coordinate special permits for overdimensional and overweight loads
  • attend vessel loading
  • arrange for cargo inspections at point of origin and port of loading
  • prepare all export documents
  • prepare consular documents and secure consul certification/legalization
  • confirm vessel sailing and cargo on board
  • distribute export documents in accordance with instructions and letter of credit
  • expedite process with international bank for prompt payment of letters of credit
  • arrange for inspections at port of discharge of transshipment ports
  • arrange for in-country customs clearance
  • arrange for in-country delivery to final destination







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