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ProCargo, Inc., Baltimore, Maryland

Air Freight Services

If you need to move your cargo fast, you need our services to move your cargo quickly, safely, and on-time. From one box to full air charters, ProCargo makes it happen for you. Both project and general cargo shipments are quickly documented and shipped to meet your specific requirements.

  • provide shipping quotations
  • analyze cargo specifications
  • evaluate the efficient use of aircargo containers
  • review cargo specifications for hazardous materials
  • evaluate aircraft capabilities and stowage factors
  • arrange export packing
  • consolidate multiple-vendor orders
  • receive, check, and re-pack vendor orders
  • preview letter of credit for shipping and documentation parameters
  • secure space via regular liner services
  • secure space on chartered aircraft
  • coordinate and arrange inland transportation to airport
  • attend loading of aircraft
  • arrange for cargo inspections at point of origin and port of loading
  • prepare all export documents
  • prepare consular documents and secure consul certification/legalization
  • confirm flight details and cargo on board
  • distribute export documents in accordance with instructions and letter of credit
  • expedite process with international bank for prompt payment of letters of credit
  • arrange for inspections at destination
  • arrange for in-country customs clearance
  • arrange for in-country delivery to final destination




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